If you need to store a car, motorcycle, ATV, boat, camper or RV, Stockwell Place Self Storage offers versatile, secure parking for vehicles of all sizes. We offer up to 35-foot outdoor parking spots.


Stockwell Place Self Storage offers outdoor vehicle storage on gravel.  We accept boats, RVs, automobiles, etc!

We do not offer indoor storage. 

Outdoor Vehicle Storage

Outdoor vehicle storage is good for large boats, campers, trailers, motorhomes, and even some commercial vans and trucks. This option is usually a designated parking spot on an open gravel lot. While there's no coverage from the weather, it is the most affordable option, and we still provide video surveillance, lighting at night, and fully fenced and gated access to your vehicle.


If you’d like to store a vehicle at Stockwell Place Self Storage, you need to know our vehicle storage guidelines.


-Current registration and proof of insurance is required.

-Boats and RVs must have current-year license plates.

-Any registration tags that expire stored should be renewed.

-Vehicles must be driven into the storage facility, not towed or stored on blocks.

-Wheels must be in good condition on all stored vehicles.

-Tires must be inflated and kept in good working order

-Remove as much gasoline from the fuel tank as possible before storing.

-No repairs or extensive maintenance may be performed inside the storage unit or on facility property.

-Protective covers are recommended for vehicles stored outside and may be required for unsightly vehicles.

-Tire locks and tie downs are allowed for extra security, if you choose.